Vermont’s SILO Distillery Takes Local To Heart

From farm to bottle is the philosophy that drives SILO Distillery, a Windsor, Vermont, company that makes a terrific lineup of products.

The red multi-story barn headquarters of SILO.SILO stays true to its commitment to local suppliers and sustainable methods from start to finish. First, by creating high quality spirits using 100% Vermont grown, non-GMO corn, rye and wheat. Then once the grain is spent and alcohol removed, the remains get turned over to local farms to be used as feed. SILO also utilizes Vermont wood to make the barrels that age the dark spirits.

A clear glass bottle of SILO vodka sitting on a bar in front of shelves of other bottles.The result of all this thoughtful hard work? Top notch, award-winning vodka, gin, whiskey—and a spirited new dry cider. Vodka is Silo’s flagship pour, made from 100% corn grown in North Clarendon, and capturing the essence of Vermont in each smooth sip that hints of honey, sweet corn and lemon. In addition to the standard, SILO also makes as cool Cucumber Vodka, an award-winning, soothing Lavender Vodka, and a Cacao Vodka that feels tailor made for sipping by a fire.

For SILO’s Gin, traditional juniper berries are blended with Vermont corn and apples giving the liquor a fresh modern spin. Gold colored distilling vats.A Reserve Gin is aged in bourbon barrels, adding distinctive woodsy notes and enhancing the apple flavor. Bourbon barrels also age the company’s small batch Whiskey, a soulful blend of Vermont corn and rye. And because this is Vermont, there’s a Maple Whiskey as well, adding a warmth and richness for this all-American—and definitively local drink.

A can of the apple cider with a glass filled next to it.Branching out a bit, SILO is now also making a new dry cider with apples sourced from Moore’s Orchard in Pomfret. The crisp and sparkling drink is delightful.

SILO Distillery is open to visitors Thursdays through Mondays. In addition, the company hosts musical afternoons on occasional Sunday afternoons, providing a chance to create your own craft cocktail at the DIY Bloody Mary bar. Two upcoming events are scheduled for January 13 and 27, from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

SILO Distillery
3 Artisans Way, Windsor, VT
Thursday – Monday, 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Should you purchase a bottle from SILO Distillery, you’ll find a perfect spot to enjoy it by the cozy fire in our living room at Maple Leaf Inn. Now’s a great time to plan a stay for sometime this winter. Just give us a call or, if you prefer, you can book online.


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