Mangalitsa: Delicious Farm-To-Table Dining In Woodstock, VT

Don’t be surprised if the Chef stops by your table at Mangalitsa, a standout restaurant in the heart of downtown Woodstock, Vermont. He likes to do that to describe his dishes and to see how guests are enjoying their meals. It’s just another thing that makes dining here such an enjoyable occasion.

An array of fresh fall produce with the title: Mangalitsa. Fresh. Local. Creative.Mangalitsa is all about being local. The restaurant –which could hold its own in a big city—proudly taps into the wealth of wonderful local purveyors, buying what is in season and changing the menu to reflect that from week to week. The menu is changed every Tuesday, allowing the staff to be creative in what they prepare—and giving diners another excuse to stop by for dinner.

When you do visit, you’ll find an understated space with tasteful décor and tables spaced so guests can visit in quiet. The warm setting has a staff to match, providing just the right amount of attention.

Warm bread with herb butter gets diners started while they peruse a menu that offers innovative, delicious dishes, such as heirloom tomatoes with homemade basil ice cream, grilled ribeye with fried Béarnaise sauce balls, and gnudi with pork ragu. All breads and pastas are made in-house, as are the desserts. Cocktails are equally creative; and the wine, beer and drinks list highlights local purveyors as well.

61 Central Street, Woodstock, VT
Wednesday – Saturday, 5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Because this is such a sought-after restaurant, reservations are necessary.

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