Local Ingredients At Heart of Vermont Spirits

Maple syrup is not the first ingredient you think of when considering the makeup of vodka. But this is Vermont, and maple syrup is king here. So it makes perfect sense that it would be a key component in the award-winning products created by Vermont Spirits. A cocktail glass with a golden liquid being poured over ice.

Started in 1998, Vermont Spirits made a name for itself by re-imagining vodka, substituting local maple syrup for potatoes, and creating its flagship Vermont Gold®. Maple also shows up in the company’s No. 14 Bourbon, a smooth blending of five year-old bourbon with pure Vermont maple syrup.

Vermont Spirits takes pride is using local ingredients—corn and apples also figure in their blends—and in supporting the community that helped them along the way. The production process is also something that is carefully tended. Each stage of distillation is designed and engineered in-house, and the distillers monitor every batch from start to finish.

While the company does not offer tours, visitors can get a good view of the stills and production area when they visit the Tasting Room in Quechee, Vermont. In addition to the two afore-mentioned products, Vermont Spirits makes a White Vodka using whey, a Crimson Vodka distilled with Champlain Valley apples, Coppers Gin from wild Vermont juniper berries, and several other unique liquors. There is also a small gift shop with a selection of glassware, bitters and mixers.

Vermont Spirits
Quechee Gorge Village
5573 Woodstock Road, Quechee, VT

While we don’t serve vodka, we do distill true Vermont hospitality here at Maple Leaf Inn. Come for a stay and sample a taste of it!

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