ShackletonThomas Showcases Vermont Artistry

In a world of mass-produced everything, it it’s a delight to uncover the beauty and simplicity of finely-crafted hand-made furniture and pottery. This is just what you’ll find in a visit to the ShackletonThomas workshop store in Bridgewater, Vermont.

Close up photo of hands shaping wet clay.ShackletonThomas is located in a 180 year-old mill and the old-world setting is perfect for a company that does things the old way, by hand. Tradition reigns here, where Charles Shackleton furniture and Miranda Thomas pottery share space.
The creative duo also shares a philosophy of quality over speed, and a respect for traditional methods. Visitors can get a glimpse of the process at the Workshop Store, featuring the Showroom, Furniture Workshop, and Pottery Studio.

Step into the furniture workshop and you’ll see a team of skilled craftspeople creating fine pieces by hand, as one would works of art. Each piece is unique and beautiful, designed to be treasured for generations.

The Miranda Thomas pots are equally thoughtful, each thrown or molded by hand. Designs are added freehand, using a super-fine African porcupine quill. Pots are fired once, glazed, and fired again. All the pottery comes in five distinct designs and color combinations that include decorative pieces, as well as practical creations that are microwave safe and oven-proof.

102 Mill Road, Bridgewater, VT
Tuesday – Saturday, 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Closed on major holidays.

Bridgewater is a pretty 30-minute drive south of Maple Leaf Inn, just past Woodstock. We’ll be happy to help guests plan a nice round-trip excursion, returning to the B&B in time for afternoon cookies and tea!

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