Learn About, Sample VT Maple Syrup During Tap Season

There’s a lot that goes into the pure, rich maple syrup you pour on your warm pancakes. And it all starts here in Vermont during March and April. To learn how it’s made, head out to Sugarbush Farm in Woodstock.2 trees with sap bucked hanging on the sides.

Sugarbush, a family farm that sits on 550 hillside acres, is one of our area’s premier suppliers of maple syrup, and a visit there is eye-opening, and very tasty too! Not only does the farm excel in syrup, it also grows feed crops, has dairy cattle and makes fabulous waxed cheese. But this is spring, and that means attention is focused on the maple trees. So take a visit out there and get in on the action.

You can walk the nature trail to check out the maple sugar trees—Sugarbush has 7,000 of them! Each tree produces about one quart of maple syrup every spring. Next, take a tour of the sugarhouse. Here Sugarbush boils the sap down the old-fashioned way, over a wood fire. Their syrups are pure and natural, with no preservatives, coloring or sugar added.

Then comes the best part: you get to sample it.

Vermont maple syrup is graded by color and intensity of flavor, and there are four distinct grades: Golden/delicate, Amber/rich, Dark/ robust, and Very Dark/strong.
If you’d like to take some home, you can purchase Sugarbush syrups in sizes from half-pints to gallons.

While at Sugarbush Farm, be sure to enjoy a sampling of its fabulous waxed cheeses, including an extra-sharp, three-year aged cheddar—the company’s most popular—and a mellow Vermont sage cheese.

Sugarbush Farm
591 Sugarbush Farm Road, Woodstock, VT
Monday – Friday, 8:00a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Saturday – Sunday and holidays, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Closed thanksgiving and Christmas
Free admission and sample
Note: During winter and early spring, it’s best to call ahead for hours and road conditions.

Stay with us and you can enjoy pure Vermont maple syrup on our special buttermilk waffles and pumpkin pancakes. It’s one more way we love to pamper our guests!

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