New puppy “sheriff” at the Maple Leaf Inn

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We have a new puppy at the Maple Leaf Inn. Her name is Beckett and she is an Olde English Bulldogge. We got Beckett in January from Tennessee and it took awhile for her to adjust to the cold and the snow.  She is about 7 months old and is a Beck 5“pistol” and she is still breaking us in.  Beckett is anxious to meet all of our guests and greet you upon arrival.

Our fantastic dog, Nona, passed on in April. She was over 15 years old and was a great dog. She is now chasing balls and squirrels with the angels. Before she left us she spent some time passing along her wisdom and experience to Beckett. We’re not sure Beckett learned all the “ins & outs” of the Maple Leaf Inn from Nona but she did appreciate having “grandma” around to play with. Nona & BeckettNona



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